Sunday 27 October 2013

NEW IN - ghd, swans, cats, spikes ♥

there are some new pieces in my wardrobe which i want to introduce. i went shopping with an old schoolfriend, one could say that she was my BFF back then. we haven't seen each other for years but it was as though nothing had happened and we had a very good time with latte macchiato and hazelnut spread and a stroll through the city and its shops! 

we went to new yorker (i haven't been there for ages) and i must admit that they had some very nice apparel - and jewellery. and donata gifted me with a very nice spiked armcuff made of faux leather, which i had tried on before. she's such a lovely person, i love her so much 

we also went into the jewellery store 'i am' where i have found some very nice byzantic inspired cross jewellery a few days before (and i was very reminiscent of the D&G fall/winter collection), but i wanted to do pure eyeshopping that day ... but i just couldn't when we went through the plushie departement of galeria kaufhof later (who also have a very nice steiff store in there), and when donata showed me this oh so lovely plush swan
i just needed to buy it because it was so beautiful and oh sooooo cute. i thought of naming her 'elizabeth swann' :) and i think elizabeth looks very stylish with the spiked armcuff, huh? 

... and i've bought a new ghd comb to posh up my pony hair! ... and there's also a new cat shaped white leather bag in my wardrobe. i have already made some outfit photos with it and she already stepped out the house with me two times (and she liked it very much, back then!) 

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  1. Very nice!


  2. I am in love with your product photos! So fun!

  3. The cat bag is adorable... I want one... I love unique items like this :)

  4. Thats possibly the cutest bag ever!! I love it and the cuff is fantastic.

  5. how cute. I am following you now. follow back.

  6. Oh wow, that cat bag is so adorable! I've never seen anything like it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. Eine KATZENTASCHE <3 <3 wie toll!

  8. Have an awesome week ahead! Already following you :)


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