Monday 7 October 2013

new in - vintage leather, romwe, neon chic!

back from paris and back with a new haul for you! ... i've got some new pieces of apparel in my wardrobe, some pieces bought, some were gifts from my mum, especially the nice vintage leather blazer which i already wore 2007 for my graduation party (long time ago, haha) and some days ago she said: 'dear, you love it so much, so you can keep it!' and i was so happy! the neon pink and the blue jumpers were also gifts, she bought them some months ago but never wore them. i asked her months ago WHY the hell she bought a neon pink jumper (she had never, never worn pink, really, she hated that colour). 't'was an impulse buying', she said ... and i was just like WTF ... okay. some days ago we swapped some apparel and i asked her about the pink jumper and she gave it to me, and also the blue one. the neon yellow dress was a purchase from and it's so perfect for me, especially with my new hairstyle - goes very well together. the red and the black dress are from MIU MIU and i already love them so much (although they are a bit short). the skirt is from romwe, i fancied it for a long time and then i was courageous enough to buy it. but i still don't know how to combine it, what do you think?

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  1. I think the green/yellow dress would look awesome with the leather jacket :-)

  2. Typisch du, Kleider :b Ich hoffe, ihr hattet einen wunderbaren Aufenthalt in der Stadt der LIEBE <3 Und jetzt muss ich erst einmal deinen neuen Haarschnitt bestaunen gehen. Den habe ich noch gar nicht gesehen, weil ich durch mein Unterwegssein kaum auf Blogger war!

    Liebst, ina

    Petite Saigon

  3. thanks for your lovely comment. i follow u on google friend connect adn also on bloglovin. now it's your turn. xo

  4. very cool jackets!

    xx Isi

  5. Der Rock und das gelbe Kleid sind irgendwie sehr cool *-*

  6. Love the yellow and red dresses!


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