Tuesday 1 October 2013

the best of the blogs - november 13

become the 'best of the blogs' !

what do you have to do?

  1. become a follower of my blog via GFC or bloglovin.
  2. leave a comment with your blog address and write some sentences about you and your blog and tell me with which name you follow.

you can apply from today until the 31st of october. i will then select 1-5 blogs which i will present on one of the first days of november. this is contingent upon the quality of the blogs which will participate.

this will be a permanent campaign, so stay tuned 

good luck 


  1. I run a blog about fashion and stylizations. I'm trying to present interesting ideas DIY. I spend too much of a healthy diet. My blog is lifestyle blog.

    Great initiative! Good luck involved!
    I add you to bloglovin and GTC :*

    Katherine Unique

  2. http://princessofpretty.blogspot.co.uk/

    I started my blog at the beginning of this year and it is still very much a fledgling blog but my page views are gradually increasing - which is great to see! I am a complete makeup addict - which wasn't helped by working on a makeup counter for 7 months I can tell you! I love trialing different products and looks and giving my findings to those who give my blog a glance!

    I follow your blog on bloglovin - Lauren Thornborrow


  3. Würde mich total freuen :)
    Ich blogge über Mode,Beauty,Lifestyle und alles was Mädchenherzen höher schlagen lässt <3


  4. http://staydowntoearth.blogspot.de/

    my name is Theresi and i'm a 19-year-old girl from germany.
    my blog is called young blood and i write about me and my life and all the things which happendes every day.
    sometimes i talk about books, shops or my thinkings.

    i follow you with the name: Theresi .

  5. Dear Lady,

    I would love if we could follow each others blogs :) I already follow yours via GFC as Anda Alexandra and on Bloglovin' as The Twisted Red LadyBug :) I love the fact that we have in common the love for books ;) I hope you do not mind me for subscribing on your Youtube channel :) I am also fond on baking but I am sad I do not have a proper oven so I have to buy muffins instead of doing them as I please... :(

    Hope to hear from you soon ;) And have a delightful weekend! :*

    Yours truly,
    The LadyBug :)


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