Monday 21 October 2013

FOOD: a simple korean dinner.

if we don't know what to cook, we always have the possibility to eat a simple korean dinner, which is absolutely tasty, variable and very easy to prepare!

  • first and above all things you need rice, THE base of every asian dish. 
  • then you need  (or in western letters: gim), this is dried seaweed. in korea it is very cheap, but the import prices are exploding in germany. the last time we cooked this dish we didn't have some, but there's a good alternative:
  • big lettuce leafs! also tastes great (and you've got more to eat, haha).
  • then you need 고추 (or in western letters: go chu jang), this is also a good and spicy base for many korean dishes. it's a sauce made of rice, soy beans and chili - very very hot and very delicious!
  • this was the base! you can modify what to eat with it, fish, meat, pickled vegetables - there is no limit. 
  • we always love to eat tuna with it. and mostly that's all!
  • ... but this time i also wanted to eat some garlic cloves, too - so i prepared another bowl with them.

you then just take a leaf of  or a lettuce leaf, fill it with 고추 and tuna, close it and put it in your mouth. this (you can see it in the last photo) is called  (or in western letters: sam), literally it means 3.

when preparing a korean meal, be mindful of giving each ingredient or dish their own bowl. 

if koreans want to eat really big, you could find 70 to 100 little bowls on the dining table, and each would be filled with a different dish.

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  1. Wow, this sounds very delicious! I've never known that preparing korean dinner is so easy! I definitely have to try it :)
    xx Linnae from

  2. Yum yum yum, das werde ich auf jeden Fall kochen, wenn ich meine eigenen vier Wände habe ;) Hach, Korea und sein Drum und Dran sind einfach ein Tram ~

    Liebst, ina

    Petite Saigon

  3. This is amazing, thanks for sharing :) I once tried dried seaweed only- really tasty :)
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  7. it looks so healthy :)

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  9. I really like posts like that. Simple and looks yummy. HAve a nice day.

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  11. awsome recipe!
    i'll try inspiration!
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