Thursday 12 December 2013

FOOD: blue macarons ♥

even if i love to eat macarons, it's quite difficult to make them ... i had to experience that firsthand some days ago ... the macarons you can see below were my first round back then. but i wasn't THAT satisfied and also i wanted several colours, so i made a second and a third round ... and both of them were a bit of a swizz ... no, they ended in a disaster !!! what is most important while baking macarons is that you most painstakingly stick to the recipe, because if you not do so, you will fail like i failed XD - i didn't want to make photos of this mess, it was enough to see it with my own eyes. they were so liquid they didn't stay put but melted on the baking paper. oh, i have been so sad, you cannot imagine ^^ i'm a little perfectionista and i simply cannot handle any flops, especially while baking. oh well, but those macarons below are OK, don't you think? one is a bit cracked, but that happened because of my gross sensory motor skills after my fails about which you have read above, lol. the macarons were filled with nutella - i had no cream and chocolate at home to make a nice ganache. but it quite looks like the latter, don't you think? and i love the colour btw. - a friend of mine asked me whether a smurf had fallen into my dough XD


  1. Yum, looks delicious!:)
    The macarons are hard to make, but these ones look at least artistic. I think they look good as your first round:)


  2. Macarons really are so so hard to make .. I believe you have a long way to go but the start is okay :) You should get the top smooth, right now they aren't the most beautiful :) But definitely keep on trying!



  3. Love the colour :) Like your friend said, the first thought that came to my mind was 'Smurfs' :)

  4. We all mess up on our first attempt... that's how we become great :-)

  5. Hi sweety, at least you were brave enough to attempt making macaroons, they are so difficult to do. I also am a baking perfectionist. The idea is to bake them at a very low temperature so they don't crack. I am sure they were yum!

  6. die sehen sehr eigen aber sehr interessant aus.
    sind bestimmt lecker :)

  7. Yummy <3 hätte ich jetzt auch gerne ;)

    Liebe Grüße
    Sabine von ღღEveryday Pleasuresღღ

  8. I've heard that they are pretty difficult to make. The color is very beautiful though.



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