Friday 18 October 2013

D&G fall/winter 2013-2014

now isn't this real beauty? isn't this opulence, pure elegance, glamour and art you can wear? domenico dolce and stefano gabbana really set the right tone for me - i love the textures, the lacy dresses, the lush red colour, the bycantic mosaic designs and the religious inspired jewellery - especially the crowns are such a beautiful accomplishment to the runway outfits. i also had the mad idea to get me my very own D&G crown (but they are already sold out on, unfortunately).

the campaign photographies, featuring monica bellucci, bianca balti, andreea diaconuand kate king in between beautiful young men in black suits and young priests in their robes, were shot by domenico dolce himself, and were photographed at wonderful taormina cloister, which has also been an inspiration for the whole collection.

 what's the most important and wonderful fact is that those beautiful dresses are fashionable, yet wearable, at that's what i love the most.

i'm deeply in love with this whole collection and campaign and just had to share my favourite pieces/photos it with you. but what do you think of it?

pictures via google

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  2. Das sieht tatsächlich so richtig schön aus.

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  4. Loving the bold lips :)

  5. wow the first photo is quite impressive with the red gowns :) and you are right,they are definitely wearable to some extent :)
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  6. I always love the D&G collections, they are just perfect and stunning! :)
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  10. Great collection!
    I just love red♥

  11. I love those crowns!

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  15. I love them, they always design sooo oryginal and beautiful clothes!

  16. I love this look. So much so that I did a DIY of the crown, take a look:


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